The Economic War

These provisions are naturally can not fully exhaust all aspects of the urgency of the problem, the role and importance of science and its fundamental and applied levels, traditional and innovative ways to promote civilizational projects on development paths, development and prosperity of social systems. According to the authors of the situation of the early 21st century is somewhat similar, and in common with the conditions in the economy, politics, science and culture of the early 20th century. read

The economic war, political conflict, the loss of cultural and national identity, and military operations do not give one hundred percent chance to support scientific research, discoveries, inventions and their broader peace of production and technical application of new theories, ideas and projects. Crises and War comes to an end and after the end of today’s struggles, destruction, migration of peoples, and the question arises: what can present the weary, tormented peoples, scientists, inventors and designers?┬áSponsor of my post site

It seems that the use of genetically modified products, laser shows, for the extraction of shale gas technology is not enough, so this development of modern cosmological paradigm of the world seems extremely relevant, useful and meaningful. In the introductory part of the article concisely, succinctly described and available relevant, objective and scientific problems to overcome the crisis and the global challenges faced by civilization, the modern scientific trend to overcome the crisis of systemic issues.

In this article, we simple and accessible language have tried to provide readers with the methods and ways to address these challenges and to show the results of scientific research, constructs and algorithms that can not be worked out on the entertainment show, with the help of modular training programs, exam, computer on the uniqueness of the text programs . All these factors can only aggravate and confuse a difficult situation, to send on the wrong track. more info

Serious scientific discoveries, on the basis of which it is possible to make a real breakthrough in the field of production, transport, health, development of new territories, and so on. D. Work enough, crystallized in the years and decades of scientific works in complex experiments, numerous debates and discussions of the scientific community. Currently, scientific discoveries are private, fragmented and not linked into a single conceptual framework. Here are three examples that show the essence and differences sensational statements of methodologically sound, logical and verified practically proven scientific paradigms. info