How do you know something personal about the interlocutor in his appearance

Who of us, reading about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, was not jealous of his ability to calculate everything about people, paying attention to the smallest details of their appearance? Of course, life is more complicated most of sophisticated literary fiction and very insightful people are unlikely to achieve perfection of the great detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle. However, there are some laws that allow to define character traits or health, based on the physiological characteristics of the person.
1. According to the statistics, women with wide hips less scrupulous in the choice of partners

An amazing fact – on the thighs of women width can estimate how likely is it that your first date ends in sex. This is indicated by the results of research conducted by the staff of the University of Leeds (UK). Experts have studied some aspects of the sexual behavior of female volunteers, including – number of sexual partners and age at which they lost their virginity, and then examined how these figures relate to the physical parameters of their waists, hips and buttocks. It turned out that the fair sex with wide hips, are more likely to engage in “sex without commitment”, while women with narrow hips are more prone to long-term relationships and a careful approach to the choice of partners.
Of course, the objective of this study leaves much to be desired – it is possible that the participants simply exaggerated activity of their sex lives. However, the researchers argue that this phenomenon can be explained by biological factors – women with wide hips is often much less of a problem with the birth of children, so the very nature sets them on the continuation of the species.
2. Sex with obese men tend to be more long lasting

According to data published in the “International Journal of Impotence Research» ( «International Journal of Impotence Research»), men are overweight in sex less hasty than slim. Experts from Turkey during the year studied the sexual life of men of different sizes, it was found that the total lovemaking lasts an average of 7 minutes 18 seconds, while the wicked is more than four times less – about 1 min 43 sec.
One reason for this may be fatigue obese men, which does not give them the first attempt to bring sexual intercourse with a logical conclusion, but there are other factors. In obese people often observed elevated levels of the female hormone (estrogen) in the body, in some way, “inhibits” the male body, resulting in ejaculation occurs later. It should be noted that men who want to please their partners long sex should not rush to gain weight, because erectile dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of obesity.
3. The color of the eyes can be seen on the predisposition to sports mind

As you know, in some sports most effective people with certain physical attributes – so as to be a professional basketball player, you must have above-average growth, and say, in football prefer to take only the stout, strong guys. About the future of outstanding achievements in sport can talk and less obvious physical characteristics – such as eye color.
The results of several experiments demonstrate that people with brown eyes often succeed in sports that require quick reactions, including – tennis, football or boxing. Blue or green eyes, in turn, is an indication that a person better suited leisurely sports disciplines that require strategic thinking – for example, golf, chess and bowling.
Equally curious effect is explained by the physiology – bright eyes more sensitive to sunlight, which complicates the processing of visual information, and for a split second slow decision-making. A simple example – a blue-eyed boxer can confuse even the highlight on the clock the referee, causing him to miss the bounce, with brown-eyed in his place would not even pay attention to a visual stimulus.
4. earlobes “predict” heart attacks

Cardiovascular disease – one of the main problems of modern humanity. In their development significantly influenced by factors such as lifestyle, diet and bad habits, but there is a rather unusual method immediately determine a person’s susceptibility to heart attack – pay attention to the shape of his ears.
If your earlobes are diagonal folds that doctors call “sign Frank” is – a sure sign of predisposition to the development of cardiovascular disease. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but these folds do give evidence of heart problems. In one study, doctors studied this phenomenon

Beethoven worked under his rhythm arrhythmia

In some of the most famous works of Beethoven found striking rhythms, the basis for which would serve as the beating of his heart, according to a team of researchers from the University of Washington. The team consists of a cardiologist, medical historian and musicologist.
The researchers analyzed several of Beethoven’s works, trying to find in them the symptoms of heart disease, from which, in their opinion, the composer suffered. Rhythms of certain parts of the well-known works, the researchers say, may actually be a reflection of abnormal heart rhythm composer, which could be due to cardiac arrhythmia.

“Maybe it was the music of the heart in both a figurative and literal sense of the word. When your heart from beating properly due to illness, it does so in certain quite stereotyped situations. We believe that we hear in his music some of these patterns. ”
The team has published an essay, which is the lead author Zachary Goldberger, a cardiologist from the University of Washington Medical School. Also among the authors of the investigator Robert Wood Johnson and musicologist Steven Whiting.
The essay explores the rhythmic pattern of several compositions, which may reflect the presence of Beethoven arrhythmia, ie, a disease that causes the heart to beat either too fast or too slow or intermittent. Sudden, unexpected changes in musical tempo, which appear in the music of Beethoven, just and consistent with such asymmetrical patterns.
For example, we can take the final part of the “Cavatina” from Beethoven’s String Quartet (in B-flat major, opus 130), is the most emotionally charged part, which, in the words of Beethoven, always made him cry.

In the middle of the quartet tone suddenly changed to B-flat Major, appears unbalanced rhythm, causing dark emotions, disorientation and what is usually described as “shortness of breath”.

The composer of musical directions musicians playing this part, it is marked as «beklemmt», a German word that translates as “choked”.
The authors of the essay noted that «beklemmt» can mean sadness, but these words also can describe the feeling of pressure, a sense associated with heart disease.
“Arrhythmia that part is not in doubt” – they wrote.
The researchers found patterns of arrhythmia and in other works. They studied the Sonata for Piano (A Flat Major, Opus 110) and the beginning of “Farewell” Sonata for Piano (Opus 81a in E Flat Major), written during the French attack on Vienna in 1809.
Beethoven attributed to a list of diseases, which include inflammatory bowel disease, Paget’s disease (bone destruction), liver disease, kidney disease and alcohol abuse. And often described deafness of Beethoven, which, according to the authors of the essays could strengthen other organs composer’s feelings, so that it has become much more aware of his heartbeat.

“We can not prove or disprove that Beethoven suffered from all of the above diseases, since diagnostic medical tests today in the XIX century did not exist, and we interpret the old medical description in the context of what we know today. However, common indications for abnormal heartbeat together with so many other diseases makes reasonable assumption that Beethoven suffering from arrhythmias, and his work can be a sort of “music Cardiogram”. Of course, this musical arrhythmia may simply be a manifestation of Beethoven’s genius, but there is also the likelihood that his beating heart was literally the basis for some of his work. “

The benefits of skiing

Ski not necessary to go to the mountains. Let the joy and satisfaction of the most common skiing trips in the park or near woods. The main thing is to engage with pleasure.

What are the benefits of skiing?

Computer Repair in Madison into work involved muscles of the legs and arms, press, internal organs. As a result, increases their elasticity, the body is slender, elastic. During the sessions the person inhales frosty air containing pure oxygen and negatively charged ions. These substances lead to tone the entire body, help to increase performance and endurance.

The benefits of skiing
The undeniable advantage of skiing is its positive impact on the figure of a woman. It becomes more feminine disappear overweight. Riding strengthens abdominal muscles helps make perfect waist. more here

During skiing increases the work of the kidneys, sweat and sebaceous glands. Since the body start to output accumulated toxins and dentist Madison This person becomes more vigorous, energetic.

Skiing is recommended for people suffering from diseases of articular nature. Measured movements help develop the joints, preventing the development of complications. Useful skiing for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Doing just enough 2 – 3 times a week to being significantly improved. here

Net present sport for people with hypertension. After hours of skiing blood pressure returns to normal. Especially useful lessons in the early stages of the disease. Then prevent hypertensive crisis much easier.

Skiing normalizes sleep, eliminates depression, calms the nervous system. This is very important for a healthy life. In addition, there is a strengthening blood vessels and heart, respiratory system. The body acquires the ability to resist various infectious diseases. info

Skiing strengthens the body and fills it with positive energy and gives people a good mood.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow medicine” from insomnia

Learn to relax, tune into strong revitalizing sleep helps Chinese gymnastics “slow river” Tai ji.

Chinese gymnastics tai ji, referring to the style myan Quan – a form of ancient Chinese exercises that have survived. For many it is also known as “internal” exercises, because its action is aimed at improving the internal organs. here more

Computer Repair in Madison of tai ji was like a familiar rhythmic gymnastics. It is rather slow smooth dance between the figures is almost no breaks. All movements like into one another because the muscles are relaxed, and the rhythm depends on the physical abilities.

Therefore, the Chinese gymnastics “slow river” Tai ji recommended at any age, and people with different physical abilities.

How quickly fall asleep: features gymnastics tai ji

Before you adopt tai ji exercises, remember that only need to perform exercises in a state of complete abstraction from everyday dentist in madison. So, it would be nice to learn some meditation practice. Perhaps even they will have to resolve the issue as quickly fall asleep.

Exercising tai ji requires thoughtful, slow and focused execution of each movement. If the motion is given easily, do not step up the pace.

Particular attention should focus on the hands. They should be relaxed to tip slightly diluted in a side stop. more

Exercise is recommended to perform the afternoon, after 3 hours after a meal, but not later than half an hour before bedtime. Between sets of exercises is better to take short breaks.

Before you memorize the sequence and correct exercise, better to carefully follow the instructions on checking drawings and written as “gag” Tai ji rejects.

Before the occupation, it would be nice to get comfortable, loose clothing made from natural materials. building USA

Having mastered the complex, you yourself will notice that the question of how quickly sleep is not so acute before you. You will learn the main thing – the ability to relax and enjoy the dream.

How fast sleep, exercise gymnastics tai ji

1. Exercise “push the wall of defunct”

Starting position: standing, legs relaxed, bent, but springs. Hands to place before you, bending your elbows and turning his palms together, fingers place. Head slightly lower.

Gently move one foot center of gravity of the same name hand to pull aside. Then, as if to push imaginary wall in the opposite direction. At the same time the second hand performs smooth slow hand twist, as if bringing some bowl. Repeat on both sides 12 times.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
2. Exercise “mow the grass”

Starting position: standing, legs relaxed, but springs. Arms bent at the elbows at the chest, palms look down, fingers splayed. Head slightly lower.

At the same time take two hands to one side. Following them, rotating motion to withdraw the entire body. Hands to withdraw as far as possible, then take the starting position. Perform the movement in the other direction just as smoothly. Perform both ways on 8-10.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
3. Exercise “Raise up a fake thread”

Starting position: As in Exercise 2. But it is diluted hands to the side, holding the brush near the shoulders. Fingers gather in little clenched fist and pointing to straighten. Imagine that in your hand is the thread that bound to the sole of his foot (left hand left foot). Raise nenapryazhennuyu hand to the side and upwards, and the like “by lifting the thread” leg. Gradually opening his fist and turning the palm up, fingers diluted. Second hand slowly drop down, relax your fingers.

Repeat on each side 10-15 times.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
4. Exercise “to place the product on the shelves, not returning back to the buyer”

Starting position: As in the previous two. But while the hands are at shoulder level with palms down.

Both hands to pull to one side slightly up and back. Trunk “comes” after them, turning around. Feet at this point gradually straightened. Fingers should reach as far as possible. The same goes the other way.

Repeat on each side by 6-8 times.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
5. Exercise “Raise your knee for a nonexistent thread”

Starting position: standing, legs slightly apart, bent at the knees, spring. The back is rounded, body relaxed, arms hanging whips along the body, head lowered.

Lift both hand and foot of the same name (do not straighten the knees). This place forearms parallel to the floor. Brush drop and relax. Hand allegedly drawn up by using an invisible thread. Once the lift reaches maximum points, discard the head slightly back.

Repeat 8-10 times.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
6. Exercise “Cleaning pants”

Starting position: As in the past, but place hands near the lower border of the ribs hands down.

Slightly bent, pelvis story aside, straighten one leg at the knee, and another – fold. Two hands, brush by brush, hold, sliding as far down on the outstretched leg. Head back to the side of the same foot.

Repeat 6-8 times in both directions.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
7. Exercise “Catch and put a nonexistent falling wall”

Starting position: right leg slightly bent at the knee, the left straight to put forward (emphasis on the heel). Elbows bent, hands to send up. Head slightly lower, looking at his hands.

Allocate a body back. Raising his hands to shoulder level and turn their palms forward, as if picking up an invisible wall falling. Gently transfer the weight from one foot to the other, straightening one leg is bent, put his hands, as if putting a wall in place. Push off from the wall invisible hands and take the starting position.

Repeat 4-5 times on each supporting leg.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
8. Exercise “Circles immediately to both parties”

Starting position: As in Exercise. 2. Simultaneously make the circle in opposite directions hips and hands in a horizontal plane. Heavy exercise for beginners, so the first stage is better to learn two separate movements, hips and hands, and then as if to compose them. Change direction every 5-6 laps.

Repeat – 4-5.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
9. Exercise “Slipping on the waves”

Starting position: standing, feet in poluprysede. Arms bent at the elbows, spreading them apart and lifting. Brush a little squeeze into fists, vypryamyvshy index fingers, and tapping each other. Head slightly lower.

Keeping his index fingers of each other, one elbow story duhoobrazno up, then the same thing in another direction. At a time when the hands pass through the lowest point of the arc, foot print in a full squat. Once the hands will come in the uppermost point, straighten legs.

Repeat: 15-20 times.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
10. Exercise “Kick nonexistent wall, and returned again to poke”

Starting position: legs bent and wide apart, arms dissolve in hand palms up. Head back toward the rotation.

Shifting to his left foot center of gravity back and lean slightly to the left. The palm of his left hand as if to push. Then slowly bring your right leg and arm (but reliance on left), turn 180 °. Does not exist wall should be on your right. The same can accomplish right hand.

Repeat 6-8 times on each supporting leg.

How quickly fall asleep? Chinese gymnastics “slow river” insomnia
11. Exercise “Sitting, push Space”

Starting position: Sit on a stool, legs apart. The feet put on socks, arms bent at the elbows and silent breed apart. Brushes compress a fist, but not much. Pointing fingers straighten towards each other.

Lean forward, making exhalation. Now take a deep breath, at which slowly straighten the body. Simultaneously slightly toward the back, spreading his hands. In the same way straighten the leg. Dilution hand fingers to gradually straighten, raising the hand palms out vertically. Take the starting position and repeat for all other parties.

Repeat: 8-10 times for each side.

Fitness Tips decided to engage in fitness

Recently be slim has become synonymous with “to be successful.” A healthy lifestyle is a status thing demonstration of belonging to a prosperous layer. One way byd healthy and have a nice figure and a fitness sroynuyu. Fitness involves rhythmic gymnastics combined with strength training. What you need to know if you want to do fitness?

The first step

What to look out for once, it’s the choice of the fitness club. Look for well established market club, read reviews on the Internet, ask friends. Select and come see. It is important to find a good one. Close to home – convenient. But, unfortunately, not always good. If administrators at the club entrance were unfriendly, a fitness room dirty – Be sure that there is a good coach, you will not find. It is a myth that the guru can work in the basement. No self-respecting professional will not work in bad conditions. dentist Miami

pay attention

Computer Repair in Madison a subscription fitness you definitely will talk to the coach. It makes sense to learn about the achievements in sport coach and coaching experience. Appearance coach – his business card. But just as important is education. Unfortunately, in our country there are no universities that train specialists for the fitness industry, but health and sport education – a good plus, although priority. So look for those dentist in madison have been working in the fitness, athletes trained in areas such as bodybuilding, competitive bodybuilding and fitness. This ensures that the person knows how to change the composition of the body according to your requirements, that knows how to “sculpt” the shape of your dreams. Athletes and coaches who came to the club in other sports, even if they are masters and champions, can not always be just good fitness coaches. Stylist Miami Excellent performance certificates and diplomas are American or European sports colleges and universities.


Before coming to the fitness room and start the course, you need to undergo a full medical examination. Tested. The fact is that once you will have constant exercise as soon as your body begins to change, and accelerate metabolism, there is also a risk of “wake up” the hidden or chronic disease. By the way, was carefully reading a contract with a fitness club, which clearly stated that a member of the club warned that should undergo a medical examination. The sooner you do, the better.

The manner of communication with the coach

The instructor or fitness trainer should be able to speak well, to explain. If you see that he is embarrassed, hardly picks up speech, a warning signal. Even if the personal data indicated that coaching record is 10-15 years, it is likely not the case. An experienced coach and put it elaborated communication skills. Fitness instructor should not be distracted; if it moves away from you during the workout talking on the phone, do not answer the question – you need someone different, more attentive. limo Miami

The first fitness

The first fitness will explain the rules of conduct in the room, introduce safety when using simulators, talk about rules of recruitment activity. Many people in this moment of great personal fitness training program. Not worth it. On the one hand, someone paid amount is the motivator. But this is not always correct. Suddenly coach you will not do? Therefore, I advise to take no more than 10 training immediately. Meanwhile, you can decide whether you suit specialist, and do exercises. dance Studio Miami

Rules nutrition in fitness

Fitness Nutrition – is the first thing a good coach says: rules of supply during exercise. If the subject is not raised at the first training, you can turn around and leave. entertainment in USA

Within it you should briefly describe the basic principles: the frequency of meals, the required amount of calories for your body, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet, to develop individual system classes and the corresponding power supply circuit. Actually, before you start to do, it is good to gently for 1 -2 months to normalize diet, remove from the diet of sweets and fast food, bring water intake a day for 1.5-2 liters. That need at least 4 times a day, small portions. If you are used to eat only once a day to dump or a “coffee in the morning, at lunch – a sandwich, and dinner in the restaurant” Mario “- now start work on themselves. Otherwise it will be more harm than benefit from the classes. With fitness requires regular intake of normal food. Metabolism, which is so much talk, accelerated at very simple terms: increasing physical activity and optimization of the nutrition in this activity.

Aims for results

Do not be shy. Immediately voiced what you want. If you want to lose weight (women) or work out relief (men) and talk. Nothing in this terrible there. You do that, and come in a fitness club. There is nothing wrong to change the coach, if for some reason it will not approached. And remember, to lose weight – you need to eat. In a starvation diet you drag 2-3 weeks – you will be fine. At least that endorphins are produced, the blood circulates better and comes to where previously reached. But then, if you do not adjust your diet, there will be pain, injury, worsen the skin and hair. Fat is a last resort when the body realizes that it fed on a regular basis. And if not, then he spends reserve stocks samoistoschayas.

Try to weigh regularly! Adipose tissue muscle easily. So many girls weight initially worth or even increased. Focus on mirror and clothes.

Your good habits should become a weekly photographing themselves in full view, from different sides, in good light. So you will see the results of their work.

Be sure to read additional literature. Check all that tells you coach, sit on the internet and search, flip through magazines – the benefit is their lot. Increase their knowledge, expand horizons – it helps you achieve your goals.

Price of subscription to a fitness club

Personal training lasts 55 minutes not including warm-up and hitches and costs to business and clubs Premium from 1500 to 4000 rubles. You can find cheaper, but the service is not the same.

Lessons schedule

Ideally, the hall must walk six times a week, 2-3 times a week gym 2-3 times – cardio or group lessons. Cardio – the key to fat loss if they ignore, then your work in the room no one will see.

What fitness trainer to choose a male or female

Girls are more likely to coaches men. Because they can get. Female instructor often become friends, then distracted by exercises in intimate conversation. Before the coach husband ashamed – extra roll not eat, not drink a glass of champagne. By the way, the coach is immediately noticed.

You can not cheat – no sense. If, for example, two hours before classes you eat, but said that everything is in order, the trainer will notice and send you home. In classes can not come on an empty stomach.

first results

The more weight, the more quickly you will start to notice results. If you have extra 20kg, it is the first week of fitness, you can lose up to 3 kg. Problem areas are beginning to “surrender” after 2 months of training. window repair Miami

For the future

If you are considering an economy option, 2 months you will have skills to work independently. With coach can focus on working on the problem areas, and that gives easy control yourself. But “do” themselves and learn to maintain any conditions form can only 2-3 years later. During this time, a healthy lifestyle will be a natural, does not require limitations and effort. You will learn to eat right, engage in fitness, even when there is no possibility to come to the room (on vacation, on a business trip), as the Coach will show you a set of exercises that can be done at home, in a room on the beach, in the park.

Aromatherapy in your home

The house – a place where we want to feel the most relaxed, enjoy the comfort and feel inspired. Nice house smell likely able to return the good mood.

To fill your home with fragrant scents that dentist in madison or set up a working mood, cheer up or calm, encourage the disclosure or liberating creative abilities to communicate – does not need to be a professional aromatherapist or perfumer, it will help domestic aromatherapy.

You just need to take some essential oils and a couple of simple objects and using formulas proposed combination of oils, aromatherapy means make yourself at home. more info

Aromatherapy for lots of fun in the living room

Adjust the ease of communication in the living room and lift any mood fragrances such as bergamot oil, geranium and cedar atlasskoho. Fresh citrus scent invigorating bergamot, cedar adds to earth, practical notes and soothing scent of geraniums completes all combinations.

The composition of essential oils: 50 drops of bergamot oil, 30 drops – atlasskoho cedar and geranium oil 20 drops.
Remedy spray, pour oil into cooked platter, so he could dip the small sprigs or thick stems of dried plants. Give twigs or stems soak solution, then pour it remains a small glass vase and put to the same branches. Gradually vyvitryuyuchys of twigs and bottom of the bottle, butter aroma will fill the air of the room.

Aromatherapy to improve your desk

Computer Repair in Madison helps to strengthen the work motivation and creativity. Invigorates mix oils of grapefruit, rosemary and peppermint immediately give you enthusiasm and stimulus. In Japan, the essential oils of citrus long used in office ventilation systems, after it was proved that they increase productivity. Rosemary stimulates brain activity, and this also was known centuries ago. Peppermint adds liveliness to its menthol scent. read here

The composition of essential oils: 30 drops of grapefruit oil, 15 drops – 5 drops rosemary and – peppermint. Remedy spray, felt absorbs moisture is an excellent means of transmitting odors. Take a stand with felt his laptop, cut two rectangles the size of a few centimeters wider than your laptop, and apply them to each other. Apply a few drops of oil around the outer edge of the top rectangle base – the bottom of the computer will heat mat, and oil will soon evaporate and flavored air.

Aromatherapy atmospheric bliss in the bedroom

Bedroom – the best place for relaxing scents. Moreover, when we inhale aromas – we enjoy, we begin to breathe more slowly and deeply and it leads us to greater relaxation. That combination of flavors that give rise to a sense of serenity, lavender oil (it lowers stress hormone – cortisol), oil of Roman chamomile and ylang-ylang oil. Please note – these oils to get aromatoterapyy with flowers – part of the plant that signals of sexual readiness. Should I explain further? Stylist Miami

The composition of essential oils: 30 drops lavender, 15 drops of chamomile and 5 drops of ylang-ylang. Spraying: Add 10 drops of the mixture in a small spray bottle (volume ok.30 mL), add water to the top and shake well. Scattered neatly on the bed linen, curtains and other dense tissue (trying not to fall on the wooden pieces of furniture). interior design Miami

Tai Chi – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation.

Everyday sight for this country – and a whole group of individuals, slowly doing morning exercise in urban parks and gardens of China.

Tai Chi  – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation. Gymnastics for Seniors
National gymnastics here – not just exercise to support the body in the right tone. This is – a medicine, and very effective, which brings clarity of mind and strength of body. Came from time immemorial, it has several styles co-ling, party, tai chi, Mei-hua, tai ji exercises that will solve the problem as quickly fall asleep, and others. limo service Miami The most famous Chinese gymnastics taychy received by local youth calls “elderly gymnastics.” Just look at the old, regularly practicing it – in a very respectable age (60 to 80 years) are active, healthy, cheerful and cheerful.

Already at this example one can conclude Taychy promotes the improvement of the body, increases efficiency, enhances immunity, adjusting the body’s resistance to various diseases, and thus prolongs life. dance studio Miami

Taychy exercises for seniors

All exercises are designed so as to enable the largest possible number of joints and muscle groups. It promotes bone and muscle systems, increases blood circulation and reduces congestion in the body.

The depth and rhythm of breathing facilitate ventilation, saturate the body with oxygen, leading to respiratory and cardiovascular strengthening

Taychy – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation. Gymnastics for Seniors
vascular systems. spa service Miami

Until today survived valuable guidance ancient doctors how to deal with Chinese hygienic gymnastics.

Computer Repair in Madison – in the morning without getting out of bed in the afternoon – to find time for exercise. And after dinner, Chinese gymnastics taychy performed outdoors.

Catching gymnastics should be possible to focus on the exercises, entering the so-called “state of rest the soul.”click

Gymnastics for the elderly includes 25 exercises that required sitting on a stool in the morning or in bed. Doing so can a dress in which sleep, as long as he is not paralyzed movement.

The number of repetitions, duration, rate and amplitude choose depending on their physical capabilities.

Starting position for all exercises (except 24 and 25th) while sitting in bed, legs cross in the east. If we take a position is difficult, for example, prevents stomach, you can gently pull the leg forward or sit on a chair, feet slightly spreading apart.

The exercises do not require load and connect them to self-massage increases efficiency.

Chinese gymnastics taychy: an exercise

Taychy – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation. Gymnastics for Seniors
Exercise 1: Sit quietly napivprykryvshy eyes. Cross legs, hands placed on their knees. 15-20 Make a fairly deep breaths, exhale extend. When inhaling stomach stick out, exhale draw.

Exercise 2: Pound ears, placing them between forefinger and thumb, and then his hand completely. When driving down a palm ears folded back, palms up – sink back into the normal position. 20 Run rubbing his fingers and the same – hands.

Exercise 3: Firmly squeeze both jaws 20-30 times. Then perform dental postukuvan 30-40.

Exercise 4: Run language roundabout in front of the teeth of both jaws. 20 times in each direction. Saliva swallow.

Exercise 5: swollen cheeks. Exercise done 30-40 times the average rate.

Exercise 6: back of the second phalanges thumbs stroking hold the sides of the nose. Starting at the nose, then lead to the corners of the mouth and back. Perform easy pressing, 15-20 times the average rate.

Exercise 7: 10-15 times Raspryamlennoy hand pat his head from the forehead to the neck and back. Then the tip of the index, middle or thumbs 10-20 seconds to perform vibrating pressure on the point at the junction of the neck and the cervical vertebrae.

Exercise 8: rear of the second phalanges thumbs stroke eyebrows in the direction of the nose to the temples. In the opposite direction – with light pressure. Eyes closed. 20-30 times in each direction.

Exercise 9: covering his eyes, they perform circular motion in the opposite direction. That slow, 10 times in each direction. Then his eyes without opening, massage the fingers open and blink rapidly several times.

Exercise 10: Make-eyed horizontal movement is in one or the other side alternately. Then, holding his head straight right hand to pull the side brush razohnuv and rozchepiryvshy fingers. Fix look at your fingers, that mow eyes. outstretched hand

Taychy – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation. clean Miami Gymnastics for Seniors
slowly lead horizontal face in the opposite direction. The view must be inseparably chained to it.

The same is done in reverse. Total 5 perform movements in each direction. Head not twist!

Exercise 11: The right hand side and pull forward, brush, and razohnuv rozchepiryvshy fingers. Brush slowly bring to the nose and just slowly turn it back. Looking to fix the nail of the middle finger. Make 10-15 movements.

Exercise 12: open palm is easy to rub both halves face, as if washed. Palms lead up and down, capturing the cheeks and temples. Perform 15-20 movements to each side.

Exercise 13: Fingers cross, place them on the back of the neck, tilting his head slightly. Try to straighten his head back, overcoming the resistance of hands, shake motions. Perform 15-20 repetitions of the average pace.

Exercise 14: The palm of his right hand in a circular motion to grind his left shoulder. Then perform the same left hand to the right shoulder. First movements should be light, then reinforce pressure. Perform 20 repetitions for each arm.

Exercise 15: Run publicans motion with his hands, bent at the elbow. One hand forward – another fact. Make 20-30 times the average rate.

Exercise 16: Zchepyty fingers “lock in” and making efforts to pull the hands up to the right and slightly lifting the pelvis of the bed or chair. The same movement again in the other direction – to the left and up. Run alternately 10 repetitions. dentist Miami

Exercise 17: Make easy tilt forward and back bumps rub palms up and down movement. You should begin from the highest region on the back and brought to the sacrum. Hands should go in opposite directions to each other. Starting up in the spine, then gradually closer to the sides. Make 20-30 exercises with light pressure on the average rate.

Exercise 18: Any hand perform spyralepodibni circle clockwise on the stomach. Movement will start from the navel and gradually expand

Taychy – Chinese exercises for health and rejuvenation. Gymnastics for Seniors
region, reaching the edge of the abdomen. Then there are narrowed again, going back to the navel. Make 30 movements each hand an average rate with little pressure. more

Exercise 19: Sitting, place your hands on your lap and grind them in a circle and one another. Make 20 to 30 repetitions for each lap average rate with little pressure.

Exercise 20: Sitting, dilute elbows to the sides and clasp your hands feet. With a light touch grind them. This should keep the thumbs sole, while others are located on the front foot. Movement should go from the toes to the heel and back. Make rubbings 20-30 each way on average pace.

Exercise 21: Sitting little sit back, leaning on hand that place behind. Alternately pull the legs forward as much as possible pulling the sock, and then return them back. Make 15-20 repetitions for each leg an average pace.

Exercise 22: Holding hands on hips, torso do back in rotational motion in a circle. At first slowly, then gradually increase the amplitude, outlining a circle wider and wider. Then gradually narrow traffic and slow down. Make till 15-20 moves for each side, then perform 15-20 energetic styskan anus. read here

Exercise 23: Sitting, holding his hands on his knees, breathe 15-20 times deeply, exhale abdomen draw on inspiration – stick out.

Exercise 24: A little legs, pat palms vigorous movements themselves, starting from the forehead, then cheeks, neck and down – to the chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs. At each point lead by 10 strokes.

Exercise 25: About two minutes walk around the room slowly at first, highly lifting knees and touching the abdomen (if possible) and then accelerate the pace and then slow down. Hands move widely and boldly, breathing free.

Out of the corpse: Gymnastics late to go back, bringing together socks and heels, hands pressed tightly to the body, close your eyes and stretch all the muscles first, then relax. The head nahylytsya to side, hands and feet disperse. In this position the monitor so that each received the maximum muscle relaxation. limo service Miami Breathing calms down, slowed down, hitting the heart level

Is it useful seafood?

Today seafood available even in regions that are distant thousands of kilometers from the nearest seas and oceans. In our country there are many fans of these delicacies. But they are equally useful? info

More benefits

Seafood – a source of easily digestible protein, even meat can not boast of this, and the lack of fat makes the seas and oceans as low-calorie.

Fish are rich in polyunsaturated acids, including Omega 3. They reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve brain function, reduce the level of “harmful” cholesterol.

To saturate the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, enough to make a mixture of marine seafood cocktail. It usually consists of shrimp, mussels, squid and octopus.


Shrimp – seafood and the most popular source of essential amino acids. more here They contain almost all group B vitamins and rich in minerals. Shrimp in the diet will provide the thyroid with iodine. Cardiovascular system support potassium, magnesium and zinc. Regular consumption of this popular computer repair madison will lead to normal metabolism, reduce the risk of allergies and cancer.

On the downside shrimp include a high content of cholesterol in them through which avid fans of diets categorically reject these crustaceans. However, it is believed that this cholesterol is “good”, and therefore shrimp must be present in the diet along with other seafood. The real picture is not yet clear, and so do not abuse them.


These cephalopods contain a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. The combination of protein and polyunsaturated fats promotes muscle fibers. For this reason, squid venerate those who want to build muscle mass. Its meat contains vitamins B3 and B6, which are responsible for the metabolism and improves the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the squid is potassium, which removes from the human body excess liquid, and selenium, which deprives a person of heavy metals. window repair Miami

The downside squid as there are none, unless we are not talking about it with dried foods that contain a lot of salt. She is known in the body retains fluid and causes swelling.


Midia – a special product that is not inferior oysters in their nutritional value, but less calories and less expensive. In the meat mussels vitamin B12, which helps to assimilate other vitamins and various minerals and trace elements. The benefits of selenium contained in this mollusk is often overlooked, but its deficiency leads to poor digestion iodine. Finally, in many mussels phospholipids, beneficial effects on the liver, and little cholesterol. pet grooming Miami

As for the obvious disadvantages, they are in no mussels.


In octopus meat contains vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, taurine. Feature of taurine is its calming effect on the nervous system. Zinc strengthens the immune system, improves vision, slows the aging process. The presence of fatty acids in meat octopus allows you to adjust the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The downside octopus there. They just need to carefully cleaned. The fact remains that the ink mucus and can lead to poisoning.


If you live far from the sea and you can not buy freshly squid and shrimp, then buy the best seafood in frozen or canned. Fresh, they are only a day of fishing. If seafood then kept in aquariums in violation of health standards, they could develop parasites. Blast freezer after catching kills larvae but keeps useful properties.

Despite its usefulness, nutritionists do not recommend highly admire sea delicacies. So include them in the diet once or twice a week, but no more.

How to prevent coronary heart disease in women?

It is known that women more difficult to diagnose coronary heart disease. Even if a woman is experiencing chest pain, physicians often blamed for her hypochondria that played out nerves or hysteria. That is why you yourself should monitor their health – the first symptoms you may notice only. It is easier to diagnose coronary heart disease in men, because the main symptom – a pain in the chest. Feeling the pain, she can not give it meaning, writing off malaise on women’s issues. Therefore, to know how to prevent coronary heart disease in women – please, read this article. more here

Control emotions

The risk of coronary heart disease increases if your grandfather or grandmother, parents, brothers or sisters suffered a heart attack at computer repair madison of 55 years. Since we are unlikely to change their genes will be correct to change the lifestyle. We know that strong emotions adversely affect the heart. We can not feel emotions, but we can learn to control them.

The first thing to recognize that it is impossible to be perfect all the time. Great if you’re trying to get rid of all the shortcomings, but do not judge myself severely. stylist Miami There is nothing shameful in mistakes, but blame yourself for every mistake will be wrong. Do not let ambition to capture you.

Negative accumulated after each failure leads to many problems, which in turn can trigger a heart attack. Ask yourself, is it really important this notorious success if it will endanger your health?

To cope with stress is another great way to: maintain friendly relations with all friends, enjoy every day, spend more time with his family. Listen to quiet music, try to do yoga – it will help put in order thoughts, reduce muscle tension and find peace of mind. interior design Miami

Relax and help breathing exercises, sit down and just focus on your breathing – inhale, exhale …. Do not rush, but do not stop, do at least 5 minutes, and soon you will feel rested.

Physical Exercises – Running
Do not forget about exercise

Do not sit all day. If you spend too much time in a sitting position, it also will have a negative effect on the heart. Most sedentary lifestyle accompanied by obesity, which is also bad for the heart.

All you have to your body and heart to stay healthy is regular exercise. It is important that they brought you pleasure. You can arrange daily half-hour walk. If you find it difficult to force yourself, buy or take the dog for a while. If you live in a building with an elevator, use the stairs more often. You eat to work and get home by dentist Madison transport? Maybe we should go after a couple of stops on foot?

You can choose any sport – cycling, swimming, basketball, tennis. Even while watching TV you can perform simple exercises. Your heart will thank you.

Eat right

Excessive intake of fatty acids contained in meat, harms the heart. To prevent coronary heart disease, it is necessary not only to limit consumption of meat products and cheese and fatty, butter and cream. Even a slight change in the menu in a few weeks will reduce blood cholesterol. info

On your table must be present fruits and vegetables. They are good for the heart trace elements such as potassium. In lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, beans and sunflower seeds rich in folic acid, which helps the heart work better.

Buy cereal products: whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice. In salads add canola oil, which contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (incidentally, they are also useful for the eyes) – is one of the useful components of fatty fish, which should consume 2-3 times a week. spa Miami

proper nutrition
Salt – is the enemy for the cardiovascular system of your body. Excess salt increases blood pressure. In large quantities of salt contained in meat products and chips.

A large waist is dangerous for life!

Excess fat in the abdomen – not just an aesthetic problem but also health risks, experts say. Even if the weight is okay, body mass index in the normal range, but instead a beautiful waist – fat fold, there is a high risk of cardiovascular disease. This fact is proven scientific and clinical research conducted by scientists in many countries. pet grooming Miami

The presence of so-called “belly” in men and women, regardless of age, weight, level of physical activity many times increases the chances of them heart attack, heart attack, stroke and other serious and sometimes fatal disease. Earlier this risk is more dentist Madison with the age of man. Modern doctors believe that age – not the main factor, but overweight, fat accumulation in the waist while young, although older, often provoke severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. cleaning Miami

Concentrated in the abdominal area of adipose tissue in the body increases the amount of reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation) and at the same time reducing protein designed to protect the blood vessels, heart and pancreas. In addition, it is proved that the greater the patient’s waist size, the higher in his analysis are triglycerides, blood glucose, quickly develop hypertension, diabetes. pc repair Miami

Large waist – a problem not only people with obesity, as many think, but some “thin” and those who have managed to overcome the weight, but could not cope with localized fat deposits in the abdominal area. Indeed only diet, exercise cope with this computer repair madison practically impossible. Often the only effective way – special cosmetic treatments aimed at destroying fat cells. dentist Miami They offer many modern beauty clinic with equipment, which is made lipolysis, LPG massage ultrasheyp and other non-surgical methods of correction. If a person has even a small tummy and visible cluster of adipose tissue, where the waist should be, then it is necessary to turn to professionals to get rid of this problem. So come out to reduce the risk of dangerous heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, take care of your health and longevity. stylist Miami